Naked Time

Ammon used to LOVE to be naked! From my favorite–NOT!–stage of potty training (you know….2ish) until around age 5, we had to have naked time off and on throughout the day. Our other children would just DIE of embarrassment when he was running/playing around the house naked, but with time, we all sort of got used to it! Plus! We found that he was happier if he could just have some time–free of clothes.

Background: we live in a large cul-de-sac that has about 27 homes in it, with a large park in the middle of the circle. Most of the houses face the park, but some back up to the park. This park is the gathering place for the 97+ kids that live here, and is also one of the big reasons we bought our home. We LOVE our neighbors, and know all of them very well. We all help each other out, occasionally discipline each other’s kids, and often gather in this awesome park!

Back to the story: One day, when Ammon was about 4 1/2,  I got a call from my wonderful neighbor, who said, “Ammon is naked in the park.”

I told her I would go get him. So, I quickly grabbed my shoes, opened my garage, and was getting out my bike to ride over to Ammon as quickly as possible. At that moment, I felt like everything was moving in slow motion, and now, I will describe to you what I saw from the moment I opened my garage until I reached him.

There were many kids out in the park that day, but 6 or 7 boys and girls had congregated around this naked boy…..who was jumping on our neighbor’s tramp as BIG as he possibly could (FULLY NAKED)! All these neighborhood children were pointing and screaming at him–some were even jumping with him on the tramp! These kids, though screaming, somehow seemed intrigued by his display.

Just as I was getting on my bike, I saw Ammon go….BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE….right off the tramp, and took off across the park. The children chased after him–like a good game of tag–still shrieking and laughing. He darted up to the top of our sledding hill, and stood, legs apart, arms in the air, like King of the Hill, and began growling and stomping around–daring anyone to try to take him down!

Just then, I arrived on the scene, called Ammon down from the hill, scooped up this cute, fat, naked boy onto my bike with me. Yes, I put a naked boy on my bike–visualize THAT! I promptly rode home with Ammon, and we had a wonderful little chat about where it is appropriate to be naked, and where it is not!



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