THIS! is Ammon!

THIS! is Ammon!

I’d like to introduce to you…Ammon, the 7th of 8 children, born to a mother and father, who–24 years ago, decided they wanted a very large family! His name is pronounced: Am-un….not Am-one or Ame-un. 🙂 Ammon is one incredible little boy, who has taught me more life lessons in his short 8 years than I could have ever imagined!

You know how you write down the funny things your kids say or do…..occasionally??? I have pages of stories about my Ammon, and I thought they should be shared!

Therefore, I choose to call this blog, “Ammon Adventures”.


4 responses to “THIS! is Ammon!

  1. Isn’t it fun to start a blog? I’ve been doing mine for almost two years. I used it to share my interests, family and personal stories…just anything I’m interested in. I’ve made dozens of new friends through my blog. I really love it!

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